A few weeks ago I got a message from Johnny saying “Hey, I need to talk to you about pictures”…My immediate response was “let me guess, a proposal?!”. YES! Paige is a cousin to my husband and Johnny had went to school with him as well, so these two were known friends in our town. […]

A few months ago I had started a private group on Facebook, the Lady Tribe (you can join here) to empower, support, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs. This group consists of amazingly talented ladies all in the same world of being an entrepreneur. Leah Tyler (owner of Radiate Positivity) has joined in on this journey […]

Brittany and Parker were with mutual friends at a Craig Morgan concert when they first crossed paths with each other. Two days and a good ol’ Facebook message later, they have not missed a day of talking to each other. They planned a summer getaway to Austin, Texas after building their relationship over the years. Once […]

Where do I begin with these two?! Whitney and Brett have been in my life for over ten years and now they are uniting and starting their own journey together. Whitney is my beautiful baby sister-in-law that I have been knowing since the awkward thick glasses and braces stage. If anyone hasn’t known, my husband […]

“Before you were born, we dreamed of you, we imagined you. Now that you are here, we hope for you, we love you, we thank God for you.” Currently booking 2017 Journey’s. Let’s chat today!

We are one week in, not even, more like six days into summer for Dakota. Dallas visits his friends by my cousin’s home two days a week and will continue to that over the summer for “social time”. But that means my two days of quiet time, work time, book time, house time, and coffee time […]

Vendor Love Venue: Hemingbough Gown: Blush Formal and Bridal Salon Hair: Stacy Andrews Makeup: Jenna Kelley

It is always extra special when the bride and groom are your friends! I have been personally honored to have known Alyssa and Blake prior to their wedding, heck all the way prior to their engagement. We both have mutual friends and our paths always seemed to cross leading to great times together. Over a […]

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