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An experience for a queen>>

Hey there! I am Kaylie Nicole, a mother + wife who lives with a coffee cup in hand all while wearing yoga pants. I am obsessed with my little family, sweet moments, living simple, and anything chocolate.  

Personally, the first time I heard of Boudoir, I thought, "Oh my goodness, that is a little too much?". I am conservative and like to keep a classy look. But things changed when I ventured out in getting my husband the perfect gift for our five year anniversary.

My love for boudoir started. There is a way to keep the elegance, timeless beauty that he sees each and everyday. So why not photograph you exactly as he sees you!? 

My Photography Style >>

My Photography Style>>

Raw and authentic. Natural and beautiful. My purpose is to make women fee beautiful, sexy, powerful, and confident, exactly as he sees you!  

I focus on true smiles and candid moments all while strategically planning out natural movements of your body to best flatter you in every possible way. When you look through your album together, I want you to see your true beauty and him to of course enjoy. Every. Single. Image. 

My photography style is...

Boudoir packages begin at $350 and are exclusively offered to Kaylie Nicole Brides.
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